Call for 2016 Award Nominations Deadline May 25, 2016

Board on Human Sciences, Inc. 
Representing the Human
Dimension in the Sciences
About BoHS
The Board on Human Sciences, Inc. is an association of administrators of higher education units responsible for research/discovery, extension/outreach, and teaching/learning programs in the Human Sciences at universities across the country. Their members are committed to a national agenda that unifies disciplines within and beyond the Human Sciences to enrich people’s lives.
Human Sciences
Purposeful integration that addresses issues challenging individuals, families and communities. Solutions to major issues facing individuals, families and communities typically cannot be found in only one discipline. The Human Sciences bring together multiple perspectives to address human needs. Professionals in the field of Human Sciences integrate the best thinking from various disciplines to address and solve important challenges that we face individually, as families and communities, and as a society. We integrate disciplines to solve practical, reoccurring problems that individuals, families and communities face.                            


2016 BoHS Awards 
 Nominations Due May 23, 2016
Upcoming Events 
APLU Annual Meeting
November 13-15, 2016
Austin, TX