Call for 2015 Award Nominations Deadline May 22, 2015
Childhood Obesity

The Board on Human Sciences (BoHS) adopted Childhood Obesity as a key initiative in February 2010.  The organization started by identifying issues related to the increase in childhood obesity and effective intervention strategies being developed to reduce these factors.  In 2012, BoHS hosted a Summit on Childhood Obesity to bring together Deans, Extension professionals, researchers and federal partners to collaborate on the latest strategies being implemented to prevent Childhood Obesity.  Since the 2012 Summit, BoHS has continued its' focus on Childhood Obesity by defining objectives and an action agenda to address this serious issue.  BoHS leaders identified three potential paths for addressing obesity issues: 1) Identify best practices in obesity prevention; 2)Promote the replication of successful intervention models; and 3) Encourage and support collaborative models that design, implement and assess new research methods that show promise as effective intervention strategies. BoHS also feels it can have a notable impact by advocating for Childhood Obesity issues through research, education, outreach, and effective partnerships with other organizations.  If you would like to stay connected with the BoHS and the Childhood Obesity issues it is addressing please join our Facebook page or twitter account.